oh hai guys. it's bill and i will reviews the flintstones. it's an uproarious hilarious laugh fest and stuff. let's begin.

it's about those cavemen peoples and they are friends. and then fred is the guy and his friend barney and stuff.

fred is in charge of his company and acts all snobby and stuff and his friends are like "screw you, snobby fred".

it's a movie from 19 of 94s. wow, that's before i was born.

the movie is great and stuff by teaching the life lesson of don't be a snobby snob guy because people will hate you and that's not very nice.

the cgi special effects are amazing and stuff. the dinosaur looks oh so realistic. it's just mindblowing.

it's a laugh fest indeed. i laughed until i laughed too hard and i choked on my popcorn but then i was ok and then i went home and stuff.

so it is great. hurray! bye.