Super: Your the bottom of shit mountain! Rainbow Dash took a rainbow doosh in the dump! You made a nicer version of Robot Unicorn Attack. Rainbow Dash you belong there. But Discord you belong in Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal.

Rainbow Dash: You belong in my unirus! Were going to make a baby Milken Pony out of you! What's wrong Seirra stalked you! because she's SierraStalker!

Super: Limburger almost killed ya! Your only famous on Hub. No more dubbed episodes. You got homeschooled oldschooled is that the best you got! Discord made kids cry so live with it! your show should've never got aired!

Discord: Your made of Heavy Metal! Your gonna be my bitch! Yo ass fed you sweet tarts & you swallowed the truth! You belong in this Devils Den of mine! You give blow jobs! so do me a favor let my asshole spew you out of this world!


Super Mysterious as

  • Himself
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Discord

who won

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