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Santa Claus' rejected siblings.

Time for a legit review of this mind blowingly dumb show, Duck Dynasty. I've only seen around 5 minutes of an episode of this trash, so it's really a short review. Everybody I know (well, not everybody, but people at my school) likes this show and I have NO IDEA why. It's just a bunch of hillbillies with beards doing dumb things, and none of these things are funny. Everybody I know likes Willy, who I think is the dude in the top left corner. He's not funny, and neither is anybody else. These guys make millions and millions of dollars on this piece of crap show and it's almost insane on THIS being what people watch on TV now. There's tons of other great shows, why choose THIS? Maybe I'm going harsh on it noting I've seen one episode and this is an amateur review, The five minutes I witnessed are five minutes wasted. Tons of merchandising and shirts and DVDs come from this, and it's just a way to make more money. It's a waste of time to see, period.