- Some stallion

Baby Applejack is the cutest little thing in the world. She is in love with fwitturs. And dubstep. But she is the cutest out of all three. Baby Applejack is known for being extrordinarily cute and killing Bob the Beer with just one attack: cuteness.

Baby Applejack FactsEdit

A pony that looked like either Braeburn or Chuck Norris came up with Baby Applejack facts. Here is what he wrote on Apple Dumpling's barn.

  • Baby Applejack can kill anyone with cuteness.

Now ponies are constantly making Baby Applejack facts and even cloning Baby Applejack just to kill Discord because he is a gay drunk midget with OCD, AIDS, and ADHD.


The following are all victims of Baby Applejack, listed in order they were killed and got diabeetus.

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